3 Days of Nagoya Travel in the fall of 2017 (includind Inyuama travel)

I want to introduce you guys my Nagoya Travel! I went to Nagoya last October to see one of my best friends. I had gone Japan more than six times, but the last one is the best one! And I made a travel film to keep the memories. Below is my itinerary! Enjoy the Video!

Nagoya Travel Itinerary

Day 1:
Incheon International Airport → Nagoya Centrair Airport → Nagoya Station → Kishimen Noodle Stand in Nagoya Station → Nagoya Castle → Osu Shopping Street → Furaibo (near Nagoya Station) → Tajimi Station → Route-Inn Tajimi Inter
Day 2:
Route-Inn Tajimi Inter → Inuyama Old Town → Inuyama Castle → Urakuen Japanese Garden → Kisoji Restaurant in Komaki city → Route-Inn Tajimi Inter
Day 3:
Route-Inn Tajimi Inter → Tajimi Station → Kanayama Station → Nagoya Centrair Airport → Incheon International Airport


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Article Source: 일본 친구와 함께한 나고야, 이누야마 여행!
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