Marketing story, Excluding internal IP addresses from GA

Marketing story, Excluding internal IP addresses from GA


There are many user tracking tools like Google Analytics (GA), Firebase, and Mixpanel. Also, in startups, using those tools is not an option. However, there are several things to keep in mind regarding them, such as the excluding internal IP addresses. If they are tracked, then internal users’ data could have problems with reliability. Fortunately, Excluding internal IP addresses from GA is not difficult. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to do this.


How to exclude internal IP addresses.

First of all, you make a list of internal IP addresses. Not only company’s IP addresses, but also all of its internal users’ personal IP addresses. It is more important if there are not enough users, because most internal users use their product or service as intended. Therefore, it is harder to detect their problems.

Figuring out their IP address is very easy. You just access the internet from their computers, and then go to the website ‘’.


find my IP address ©


The next step is to log into Google Analytics and go to the admin tab. There are three rows: Account, Property, and View. Click the All filters on the account row and click the Add filter button. You can create a filter on this page.


GA admin tab ©


You need a filter name to create it. Decide and insert the name on the form, then choose the Predefined filter type.

Next, there are three dropdown menus: ‘Select filter type’, ‘Select source or destination’ and ‘Select expression’. Choose in order ‘Exclude’, ‘Traffic from the IP address’ and ‘that are equal to’ – and input the single IP address you figured out before.


exclude single IP address©


The last step is choosing the views you want to apply to this filter, then clicking the save button. That’s over.


choosing the views to apply ©


If you want to exclude a subnet of IP addresses, set up the filter like this:

Filter name: enter a name. Filter type: predefined. Select filter type: exclude. Select source or destination: traffic from the IP address. Select expression: that begin with. IP address: enter the IP address, minus the subnet like ‘192.168.0’.


Exclude a subnet of IP addresses©



To sum up

When you collect data to analyze, you have to gather as much accurate data as possible. Therefore, excluding internal IP addresses is very important to enhance the date’s reliability. In this post, I only handled Google Analytics. However, if you use other tracking tools, don’t forget to filter internal IP addresses!

You can read the Google support document associated with excluding internal traffic here.

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